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Opportunities for small businesses through collective collaboration. SmallBizMesh is an online community resource for small business owners. Our community enables small businesses to list their services and/or products, as well as opportunities to provide paired offerings with other small business owners.

A community is a group of people who agree to grow together.
~Simon Sinek

A "mesh," as we define it, is a paired offering between two or more small businesses. We believe win-win opportunities for small businesses to bundle their product and/or service offering with other businesses will help to grow and strengthen the small business economy.

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About the Marketplace

Farmers' markets have existed in various forms since the 18th century. These retail marketplaces have generally consisted of booths, tables, and stands where farmers sold an amalgam of foods directly from farmers to consumers. Throughout the ages, such markets have existed across every corner of the world with each reflecting the local cultural needs and economic preferences.

Why? Because they work. They linked populations together, allowed neighbors to engage in mutually beneficial exchanges, increased traffic to the local businesses, and gave consumers greater access to a variety of merchandise.

The problem, however, is that such markets have hardly evolved over the past centuries. Sure, you can find a good food truck here and there or even a talented artisan of some sort at the farmers' markets of today. That's great and wonderful, but good luck attracting any real attention worth the effort as a small business. Better yet, good luck finding other worthwhile local services like accountants, web designers, or photographers as a customer.

But hey, that's where we come in – we're the evolution, the revolution, the farmers' market of tomorrow.

Our mission with the SmallBizMesh Marketplace is to provide an opportunity for small businesses to have digital "booths" in a weekly marketplace to showcase their services and products.

Innovation   |   Community   |   Authenticity   |   Passion

SmallBizMesh was created by Garofalo Enterprises, Inc., a small business in San Diego, California with the goal to help other small businesses be successful. Privately-owned and operated, Garofalo Enterprises can focus on the needs of our SmallBizMesh community members, rather than the demands of outside investors, stockholders, or venture capitalists.

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Advertisements such as this one, help to pay for maintaining this website.